What it takes to be a Nurse

Published August 25, 2015

What it takes to be a Nurse

Everybody knows that it takes a lot of time to become a nurse. Several years of undergraduate schooling along with two more years if you want a master’s degree and two more years on top of that if you are getting your RN or MD. It takes several years and a lot of hard work to fulfill your dreams. But the good news is you are not alone and there are many different nursing opportunities for you to choose from. From a labor and delivery nurse to a surgical nurse you can be just about any kind of nurse you want to be.

Surgical Nurse

A surgical nurse is a professional who is specifically trained to be able to work with doctors during everything from mild to extensive surgical procedures. These nurses are huddled around doctors during surgical procedures and play a large role in procedures that can ultimately save someone’s life.

Surgeons may be leaders on this professional team but the nurses involved play a very large role as well. They help prepare the surgeon and the patient for the surgery and are there from the beginning of the surgery till the end. A surgeon would not be able to perform their tasks with efficiency if surgical nurses did not exist. They have the opportunity to work in various others such as pediatrics, obstetrics, and many other areas. A surgical nurse’s salary can range from $50,000 to $80,000 a year depending on education and experience.

Labor and Delivery Nurse

Labor and delivery nurses work closely with patients, families, and other health care professionals. Nurses may spend many hours standing and might need to lift or move patients. Labor and delivery nurses are registered nurses who provide care to women and their newborns during the various stages of childbirth as well as pregnancy. They also assist during the birthing process.

If you would like to know how to become a labor and delivery nurse, then keep reading!

If you want to pursue a Bachelor’s degree programs they are generally completed in four years, while diploma and additional programs typically take at least two years. Prospective labor and delivery nurses must first obtain nursing training, such as an associate’s degree in nursing, a bachelor’s degree in nursing, or a nursing diploma from an accredited nursing school or hospital. Nursing degree programs generally include courses in chemistry, psychology, anatomy, nutrition, pharmacology, and microbiology. In addition to classroom instruction, nursing programs also involve intense clinical training.

Both of these nursing careers have a lot of potential for those individuals with the passion and the work ethic to completely the degree and exam successfully. So work hard and stay focused and you will achieve all of your goals.

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