Is Online the Answer to Affordable Nursing Education?

Published August 25, 2015

Is Online the Answer to Affordable Nursing Education?

If you thinking about going to nursing school then you may be considering an online education. While many courses can be taken online towards a nursing a degree, try many of the classes must be taken in person as they require hands on training. When considering nursing school you may also be wondering, is nursing school hard? It is going to require a lot of hard work especially if you want to become a dialysis nurse but it doesn’t have to be the end of the world. Especially when you can take online courses.

Dialysis Nursing – Online Courses

A dialysis nurse is responsible for assisting with dialysis equipment in order to rid the body of toxins when the kidneys are not functioning properly. There are a number of nursing degrees that you can obtain online but in order to specialize in dialysis nursing, you will have to do a lot of hands-on training. The University of Phoenix offers an online nursing degree program which covers most of the basic nursing and general education courses that you will need to get started.

You will need to first receive your Bachelor’s degree in a form of science such as Biology or Chemistry. The preferred degree would be nursing but any form of science is acceptable. Once you receive your nursing degree it is essential that you obtain as much training in the field of nephrology as you can. The more experience that you have the more appealing you will be to a long-term employer. Many students often go off to obtain their Master’s degree to increase their chances of employment and their yearly salary.

Dialysis Nurse Salary

A dialysis nurse’s salary can range anywhere from $40,000-$80,000 a year depending on how much schooling and experience you have. In order to become a dialysis nurse you must first become a registered nurse and then become certified through the Nephrology Nursing Certification Commission as a Certified Nephrology Nurse. You will also receive a great deal of training in nephrology and how to work with patients with various kidney disorders.

Importance of the Job

A dialysis nurse plays a very special role when it comes to assisting patients with dialysis. Understanding how the process of dialysis works is an essential component to being successful at what you do. You will be providing information to physicians that will in turn help diagnose and help treat the dialysis patients. This is not something to be taken lightly.

If you decide to become a dialysis nurse you have chosen a rewarding profession with many possibilities and opportunities for advancement. It takes a very special individual with a unique set of skills to perform such highly important tasks.

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