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Welcome to the ISEEE career center. Choosing a new career with blindness/major visual impairment can be difficult, but below are some resources to help you choose the career that’s right for you.

Career Options

Use the resources below to explore educational requirements and career prospects for your new career path:



Salary Reports

Use the salary resources below to assess potential career options:

Allied Health

Profession Average salaries
Dental Hygienist $71,100
Dialysis Technician $33,000
EKG Technician $50,000
Emergency Medical Technician/Paramedic $31,000
Pharmacy Technician $30,400
Physical Therapist Assistant $76,000
Phlebotomist $30,900
Respiratory Therapist $54,000
Sonographer $64,000
Surgical Tech $43,000
X-Ray Technician $56,400

Arts & Entertainment

Profession Average salaries
Music Producer $55,300


Profession Average salaries
Aerospace Engineering $100,000
Chemical Engineering $94,400
Computer Engineering $104,000
Electrical Engineering $91,000
Environmental Engineeering $81,000
Industrial Engineering $82,000
Petroleum Engineering $114,000
Mechanical Engineering $84,000
Nuclear Engineering $57,000

Law Enforcement & Legal

Profession Average salaries
Correctional Officer $43,600
Court Reporter $49,000
Lawyer $130,000
Paralegal $49,000
Police Officer $57,700
Private Investigator $50,700
Security Guards $27,200


Profession Average salaries
Anesthesiologist $233,000
Neurosurgeons $368,000
Pediatrician $168,600
Podiatrist $118,000


Profession Average salaries
Certified Nursing Aide $25,000
Neonatal Nurse $95,000
Nurse Practitioner (NP) $91,000
Registered Nurse (RN) $68,000

Other Health Professionals

Profession Average salaries
Atheletic Trainers $44,000
Forensic Psychologist $69,000
Nutritionist $56,000
Occupational Therapist $95,000
Physician Assistant $92,500
Physical Therapist $87,000
Social Workers $51,000



List of schools and degree programs for accessible careers: