Apple Cider a Day

Published February 19, 2016

Haarmaske: Das Intensivpflege-ProgrammApple cider vinegar may be a common household item but it’s also used in numerous home remedies. Only limited research has been conducted on the benefits of apple cider vinegar and even fewer on vinegar pills. While apple cider vinegar may help you to manage certain health conditions, vinegar pills may pose a risk to your health.

Apple cider vinegar contains many nutrients that can improve your health. According to “Secrets to Lowering Cholesterol with Nutrition and Natural Supplements, Safely,” by Art Dash, Ph.D., you can typically find antioxidants, amino acids, fiber, and enzymes in vinegar. Even more nutrients are found in raw or organic varieties that haven’t been filtered or pasteurized, according to “Dr. Earl Mindell’s Amazing Apple Cider Vinegar,” by Earl Mindell, M.D.

Apple cider vinegar pills may provide health benefits to people who take them regularly. According to a study published in the “Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry” in 2011, apple cider vinegar was shown to decrease triglycerides and bad cholesterol in laboratory animals. Of course, these results must still be tested on people to verify the results, but the work is promising. Likewise, Earl Mindell, M.D., notes that apple cider vinegar helps to relieve digestive ailments like irritable bowel syndrome and heartburn.

Shampoo for Dandruff

Head & Shoulders Classic Clean is among the least expensive brands that contain the anti-fungal zinc pyrithione, which combats the organisms that cause dandruff. Only a handful of users at review it, but those posting there give the shampoo good ratings. Most say it does an excellent job of clearing up dandruff and smells better than most dandruff shampoos. Even though Head & Shoulders is gentler than most treatments, reviewers recommend using a separate conditioner for added moisture. On the downside, experts say zinc pyrithione isn’t quite as effective as ketoconazole. That said, those with severe dandruff (dandruff that doesn’t clear up after a few weeks of using an over-the-counter shampoo) or symptoms like intense scalp itching or burning should consult a physician for a prescription-strength anti-dandruff shampoo.

Neutrogena T-Gel is also an option for people who can’t get dandruff relief from anti-fungal shampoos like Head & Shoulders and Nizoral. Neutrogena contains coal tar, which slows the creation of skin cells, making it especially suited to combating scalp psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis, both of which are scalp conditions that result in red, scaly, itchy skin. Users at say it works for dandruff symptoms as well but can be very drying. Experts concur that coal tar shampoos can be very drying to the hair, and they suggest them only when necessary to control symptoms.

Users recommend using a conditioner to replace any moisture lost and also to cover up the medicinal smell. Paula Begun also points out that coal tar shampoos can cause sun sensitivity. She, too, recommends them only as a last resort.


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